Kongsberg Automotive produces vacuum harnesses to transfer vacuum from engine to auxiliary engine components, such as turbo and valves (EGR). Increasing legislation`s for emission and fuel reductions are the driving force for engine downsizing and additional engine controls, consequently the need for an additional vacuum source and vacuum enhancer is increasing as is the complexity of these lines.

Kongsberg Automotive provides world class CAD service, material- and product know how to optimize the integration of these lines on the engine.
Advanced thermoforming technology and use of light weight and high temperature resistance materials contributes to the reduction of the CO2 footprint

Features and Benefits

Thermoplastic tubing

  • formed tight bends increase accurate installation on engine and chassis 
  • Special grade materials with high running temperature resistance up to 170 C or even higher
  • High impact strengths
  • Excellent vacuum collapse resistance
  • Light weight against steel, aluminium with or w/o rubber hoses  
  • NVH damping

Quick connectors

  • Industry standard connection technology to provide reliable seal
  • various release and  securing features to meet dedicated requirements


  • High performing mechanical or electronic controlled non return valves


  • High efficient enhancing of the vacuum level


  • Noise damping of vacuum source

Retainer clips

  • Optional to provides extra safety

Sleeves and grommets

  • Further increase of abrasion resistance in case very tight clearance
  • Reduces noise and vibration

Vacuum harness