Kongsberg Automotive supplies control lines for the diesel particle filter. Exhaust pressure measurement lines are mounted before and after the particle filter, this indicates if the filter is clocked and needs to be burned clean by injecting a small volume of fuel in the exhaust. Kongsberg Automotive supplies the DPF pressure differential lines as well as the feed and return lines to the 7th injector. 

Features and Benefits

Steel tubing

  • Resistance to very high running temperatures of the exhaust gases

PTFE tubing

  • Non sticking PTFE material properties reduces risk of residues will block line   
  • Provides excellent installation capability  
  • Resistance to high running temperatures up to 260 C.
  • Eliminates risk of fatigue cracks against full steel lines caused by movement and vibration

Stainless steel braid

  • Robust protection of the PTFE liner against the severe environmental conditions
  • High burst pressures resistance and safety. 
  • Ultra low volumetric expansion to provide accurate pressure measurements


  • Nut and flange bolt connection guarantee robust and reliable sealing

Emission control lines