Kongsberg Automotive supplies a wide range of air lines (EVU) for various applications on the engine.
The turbo- , EGR-, and engine brake actuation lines consists of various tubes and hoses to support the most competitive design, and at the same time handle the huge differences in operating temperatures going from the cold to the hot side of the engine.

The air compressor air lines are robustly designed to guarantee safe operations and absorbing the severe movements between engine and chassis.

Features and Benefits

Nylon tubing

  • Optimum design for the cold side of the engine
  • Ability to be used with the world class Raufoss ABC quick connect air couplings
  • Formed bends provides excellent installation of the line on the engine

Steel and PTFE tubing

  • Reduce the volumetric expansion and increase system responsiveness 
  • Provides the flexibility to balance out the engine tolerance stack up

Flexible jumper line

  • Excellent  high temperature  resistance
  • Absorbs the movements between the engine block and turbo-, EGR-, and engine brake modules


  • On the nylon tubing marks the correct  assembly length in the push-in connector to guarantee the proper sealing


  • Provides ability to create bundles to easy mounting on the engine

Valve actuation lines