Kongsberg Automotive supplies a wide range of air lines (EVU) for various applications on the engine.
The turbo- , EGR-, and engine brake actuation lines consists of various tubes and hoses to support the most competitive design, and at the same time handle the huge differences in operating temperatures going from the cold to the hot side of the engine.

The air compressor air lines are robustly designed to guarantee safe operations and absorbing the severe movements between engine and chassis.

Features and Benefits

Steel tubing

  • Resistance to the very high air temperature when the compressor runs idle
  • Large bore provides the needed air flow  for the total air demand on the vehicle

PFTE tubing

  • Convoluted profile provides ability for tight radii and increasing flexibility 
  • Absorbs the huge movements between the air compressor and the chassis
  • Resistance to high air temperatures up to 260 C
  • Excellent NVH damping
  • Unrivalled flex-life (> 18 Mio normal cycles)  for exceptional durability
  • Negligible water absorbtion, meaning dry system air

Steel braid

  • Protects the PTFE hose against severe driving conditions such as stone impact from roads


  • Nut and flange bolt connection guarantee a robust and safe sealing

Air compressor lines