Kongsberg Automotive supplies nylon air lines for air brake-, air suspension- and air actuation applications on the chassis according to DIN, ISO or FMVSS standards. The tubes can be supplied either as bulk on coils or as formed and assembled in bundles with end connections.

Kongsberg uses the highest quality of resins and components for the tubes as safety is most important.
The tubes are fully compatible with the Raufoss ABCtm push-in air couplings, manifolds, kartridges and multi connectors; together and using a wide range of advanced forming technologies they are competitive and the best in class air assemblies known today.

Features and Benefits

Nylon tubing

  • Wide choice of flexibility (E-modulus) combined with high pressure resistance
  • Aging and UV light modified  
  • Formed bends provides excellent installation capability 
  • Light weight
  • Virgin resins to guarantee safety
  • Non sticking surface to improve assembly through chassis
  • Multi layers possible to fulfil dedicated requirements

Coloured tubes

  • Eliminates mistake connections during assembly on vehicle

Marked tube ends

  • By print or as bead to mark the correct push-in length in connector to guarantee proper sealing

Raufoss connectors

  • See link to “air couplings “
  • Combined with multi connectors many bundle configurations are possible

Brake lines