Kongsberg Automotive has designed and developed a family of CAN based digital keypads with similar look, response and environmental ratings, to suit a wide range of vehicles throughout their anticipated lifetime.  The keypads communicate on the CAN bus and replace the traditional rocker switches, simplifying installation and reducing the complexity and routing of harnesses.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to withstand the most stringent conditions in terms of temperature, vibration and shock. The tactile feedback switches are tested to 1 million cycles to ensure durability.
  • Laser etching of the icons on the silicone membrane provides customization to suit a specific application quickly and cost effectively.
  • All buttons are equipped with high intensity status LED’s that notify the operator’s switch selection. The LED’s are also dimmable to suit both day and night time applications.

Kongsberg Automotive can offer fully customized keypads according to customer specification with full in-house design, development and validation.